Hello, and Welcome to Thumpinhard.com, The official website for Thumper & Generation One... You are about to take a journey through the Mind, Body, and Soul of Thumper,....Omaha Nebraskas one and only self contained one man musical genius and his band. This man is an Electrifying showman, a Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Actor, Model, Composer, Arranger, Studio Engineer, Award Winning Multi Instrumentalist, Dancer, an International Recording Artist and founder of JADA (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse). But don't just take our word for it.......To witness A POUND OF THE O-ZONE SOUND, Please...Come in, Sit down, Watch, Read, and Listen for yourself. Feel Free to visit us anytime and please bring a friend when you come back. Thank you so very much !!! 

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The O-Zone Sound

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