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United 4 Love Entertainment: Fame

Thumper in the United Kingdom - March 29, 2011

Thumpers music has officialy gone worldwide. An internet radio station in the UK has picked up his sound. MMIR Internet Radio located in Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom will begin playing his music this week. (:-D) GOD IS TRUELY GOOD !!!!!

More Thumper for the US - February 4, 2011

Another Smooth Jazz internet website has picked up the music of Thumper and the band. Along with the Vangard Jazz Society, has added them to their roster. you can check it out at "This is really a true blessing and inspires us to keep pushin forward. Thank you all for all of your blessings and support." Thumper said in an interview earlier today.

The Essence show picks up Thumper & Generation One - January 4, 2010

The music of Thumper & Generation One has caught the attention of a international radio program. The Essence Show is a highly personal show with a very global sound. It is driven by the vision of singer /songwriter and producer Kara Johnstad. The show airs internationally Sundays at the NYC-based, and within a year of its conception has caught the attention of the record labels and radio industry producers worldwide. Every week, Kara selects the top in Jazz, World, New Age, Poetry, Acoustic, Lounge, and Film and has been even known to add some good old rock and roll. She effortlessly blends music from different cultures, genres, and eras. As a successful independent artists herself, 70 percent of her show consists of introducing and supporting independent artists from around the globe.

Global Vortex Radio is a top station run by top professionals and performance THE ESSENCE RADIO SHOW is a 150 Minute WEEKLY show in syndication and airing worldwide from Global Vortex Radio based out of NYC. 5 hours weekly, and features jazz / new age / world / classical / singer-songwriters and celebrates the vision of global mind - global heart. .

Feel free to listen to archives of the show at MySapce or at

Walmart Joins Thumper for Musical Toy Raiser for 4th year - October 28, 2009

Walmart stores Inc., the worlds largest retailer has once again joined forces with Omaha musician Craig (Thumper) Samuels in support of the 2009 Smooth Jazz “Toyz 4 Tunez” musical benefit concert for the Child Saving Institute. The concert idea was created by Thumper about 6 years ago as a way to give to children in need. This years show will take place November 19th in Omaha at the Keno King Grand Ballroom located at 65th and Ames Ave. at 7pm (Doors open at 6pm). The Toyz 4 Tunez show is a musical concert performed by Thumper where fans and friends donate toys, clothes, hats, and gloves for admission. The items then go to the children at the Child Saving Institute. A short meet and greet will take place after the 2 hour show. Dinner specials will be available before and during the show. This year Walmart gave Thumper a $1000 check in honor of the show. The stores involvement has grown since the event began 4 years ago. “We think this is a great idea, and are honored to have been included in this event since the beginning.” Said Jamie Thompson, store manager of the Irvington store.

Park Series 2010 begins before 09 ends - October 14, 2009

Park Series 2010 begins before 09 ends

The Summer Jazz concert in the park series put on by Omaha musician Craig Thumper Samuels has already booked 25 dates with the city of Omaha for the 2010 and the 2009 series has not even finished. The response throughout the series that started in 2007 has increasingly grown each year and has gained the attention of other bands, as well as other cities and towns. The 2009 series was expanded to two other Nebraska towns because of the popularity of the 2008 series. “Hopefully we can expand to more cities in other states because of the 09 series” Thumper said in an interview. Also with the growth of other bands and cities, CD sales have grown as well. Visitors from out of town, and natives who haven’t been here in a while pick up CD’s to take to family and friends out of town, and also get exposed to a lot of Omaha’s talent that would not otherwise get a lot of exposure. The series is good in other ways too, it gives people a place to go in the evening to sit, relax, and enjoy themselves and listen to some good music for free. All of the 2010 park series dates and other performances are posted on the Thumpers website at

Studio 2 Radio Picks Up Thumper & the Band - October 13, 2009

Studio 2 Radio to Air Thumper’s Music

Thumper and Generation One has caught the interest of yet another internet music radio station. Studio 2 Radio, a prominent internet radio station for independent artists has picked up the musician and his band. The interest came from the release of “We R a Nation” the bands current CD that just came out in May of 2009. With the interest of “We R a Nation” Studio 2 Radio was directed to where their attention was drawn to the CD’s “Six Education” and “Hands and Feet”. Where tracks from these CD’s can be heard on the Studio 2 Radio Backstage area.

We R a Nation gets 8 of 10 stars from music giant - August 10, 2009

We R a Nation Gets 8 of 10 Stars from Leading A&R music company.

Americas leading musical A& R giant TAXI has given Thumper & Generation One’s latest CD “We R a Nation” 8 out of 10 starts in 6 separate categories ranging from Music, Marketability, Arrangement, Production, Engineering, and Musicianship. The A&R review board also sent comments and recommendations such as “solid work all the way around”, and the photo makes a statement, but the playing makes the louder statement”. Another review board member says “Very good studio work, well defined instrumentation, sounds radio ready to me” !!! The musical genius and his band have been receiving new requests from radio stations from all over the world for their music. Satalite, internet, and land stations alike.

Thumper on Smooth Jazz radio in Portugal - August 10, 2009

Thumper & Generation One’s latest CD, We R a Nation has been picked up by a Smooth Jazz radio station in Portugal. Mr. Ivo Martin, a senior executive and program manager of the smooth jazz station heard the new music from a new music internet radio station that features new upcoming jazz artists, and was directed to where he contacted us and requested to have copies of Thumpers music to add to the roster on his smooth jazz stations. Since then more requests are coming in from other countries such as Japan and the Netherlands.

Hi-Fi internet radio station gives "We R a Nation" 2 Thumbs Up. - June 28, 2009

"We R a Nation," the 3rd CD by Thumper & Generation One, finds the one-man band continuing to navigate the sounds and styles of R&B, jazz, funk, rock, and pop with the intuitive finesse of a veteran ensemble. Opening with a propulsive R&B rock gem, "It's Time," worthy of Prince, Thumper establishes the contours of the 13 tracks to follow. The title song, "We R a Nation," rides an R&B quiet storm groove in a call-out for unity and tolerance, while "Dreams do Come True" is an urban-leaning contemporary song with a smooth jazz composition of both melody and rhythm. Finishing as strong as it started, the album closes with a bang with the bracing funk of "Chicken Pickin'," with its Southern-influenced groove and bursts of soulful horns. But throughout the album, its Thumper's tasteful guitar virtuosity – at times, reminiscent of George Benson, among other stalwarts – that provides the musical backbone to his accessible and catchy compositions. Definitely for fans of contemporary R&B and smooth jazz, Thumper & Generation One's "We R a Nation" CD has more than enough going on to satisfy the broadest of audiences.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team

Wishing Michael Jackson a Safe Journey Home - June 28, 2009

Thumper spent thursday and friday in shock after learning about the death of one of his greatest inspirations both in music and in humanity....Michael Jackson. "I wish him a safe journey home and our thoughts and prayers to the family and his children."

Rest In Peace Michael from the entire United 4 Love staff.

Thumper Makes front Page News with New CD - June 7, 2009

Omaha Musician Thumper Makes front page news with the release of his new CD "We R a Nation". A high profile Omaha newspaper has Thumper on the front page of the weekly issued publication. He speaks about the release of his new CD, and new cities and towns that he has extended his Concert in the park series to.

Omaha Musician Intros New Parks, New CD - June 4, 2009

Omaha Musician Intros New Parks, New CD.

Omaha musician Craig “Thumper” Samuels has added two parks (in two different cities) to his Summer Concert in the park series, along with a brand new CD to go with them. As a growing effort to draw attention to some of Omahas less popular, and newer talent, Thumper has inked deals with the cities of Fremont and Bellevue to expand the 2009 Concert series to parks there. “As the end of the 2008 series came to a close, the positive response gave me the idea to expand the series to other areas for the 2009 series”. With the expansion of the series, we decided to take out the word “Jazz” and open the series to other genres as long as it’s clean.

Earlier this month, Thumper released his latest CD “We R a Nation”. An original blend of R & B , Smooth Jazz, and Funk. Critics say “This is his best work yet.” Although his previous release “Six Education” is still doing very well. All of Thumpers CD’s as well as his tour schedule are available on his website, and at all of his shows.

Internet promotions team puts out Outstanding Review - October 9, 2008

“Hands & Feet” by Thumper & Generation One, featuring the one man band from Nebraska known as “Thumper,” is an instrumental blend of many musical styles, moods, and tempos. The musical landscape takes you on a journey through jazz-fusion, funk, R&B and pop/rock oriented grooves. The aptly titled “All Action & No Talk” is a highlight for his many instrumental talents, particularly on keyboard and guitar. This title could be used to describe the entire CD. Another hot groove number that feature’s Thumper’s impressive keyboard work, is “Dreamscape.” There are also gentle moments, provided by songs such as “Sittin’ By the Fireplace” and “Sleep With Me,” which feature lush melodies and soulful solos. The production is lively and crisp, focusing on creating memorable tracks with infectious grooves and touching melodies. This CD showcases some thoughtful writing and great musicianship and is recommended for any fan of instrumental smooth jazz, jazz-funk, or Urban/R&B.
..-Rodney and the RadioIndy. com Reviewer Team
Check out Thumper & Generation One's music on RadioIndy. com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

Special Thanks to the Front Ro Band - August 18, 2008

On behalf of United 4 Love Entertainment, Thumper would like to send a special thanks to bassist "Blue" and the Front Ro band for their performances in this years "Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series" you can see pix of them on the Pix page.

Record turnout for July 4th Edition of Series - July 7, 2008

A record number of fans and friends of Thumper & Generation from Omaha and surrounding areas came to see him and the invisable band at Heartland Park for the July 4th edition of the Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series. A spectacular crowd of 600 plus gathered in heartland park
in Omaha Nebraska to watch the Multi talented Musician, Singer, and songwriter perform a 4 hour set of Smooth Jazz, R&B, and Blues followed by one of the Biggest fireworks displays in Omaha that evening. Check out the Pix and video from the show.

Other Musicians, Bands Join Series - June 3, 2008

Some of Thumpers favorite bands, singers and musicians have joined the 2008 Summer Jazz Concert in the park Series. Carl Jackson (Blue) bassist of the band Front Ro have played 7 of the park dates, as well and Bassist Jazz from another of Omahas upcoming bands played with Thumper at the Gene Lahey Mall. Other Bands and Musicians are coming on board after seeing and hearing about the series.

2008 Park Series off to great start - May 21, 2008

The 2008 Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series is off to a great start. Sponsored by United 4 Love Entertainment and the City of Omaha, the Jazz Series is gaining momentum along with new Musicians, Singers, and Bands. With new record setting numbers of new found fans and friends the series is set to be one of the cities premiere events of the summer.

2nd Summer Jazz Concert Series a Go - April 23, 2008

Second Park Series a go for Omaha Musician & Friends

Omaha Musician and CEO of United 4 Love Entertainment, Craig “Thumper” Samuels is set to launch his second annual “Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series” on May 9th of 2008. Due to the overwhelming support of last years series, and the rising attention of smooth jazz, the City of Omaha has granted 23 concert dates for the 2008 Jazz Series that will allow performances from Thumper, Saxophonist Edward “Mo Smoove” Archibald, and many other solo artists, and bands who otherwise would not get any exposure. The Jazz Series was started last year by Thumper because other concert promoters would not let him be apart of their shows (even when he offered to play for free.) “This is part of my way of giving back to the community, and also helping other great musicians get noticed when they are turned away by other promoters.” The park series is set for every Friday through October 10th in three Omaha Parks. For a complete list of park dates, parks, and performers go to

Omaha Musician Gets Honor from Health Center - March 27, 2008

Omaha Musician Craig “Thumper” Samuels received a special honor from the Charles Drew Health Center in the form of his name on a beautifully designed wall hanging in the
lobby of the health center. The musician known for his smooth Jazz and his fund raising for children, unity, and seniors was honored again for his Musical, Monetary, and physical donations to the health centers new 4 million dollar addition to the facility. Thumper and Generation One have a busy summer ahead with performances for Childrens Hospital, the Child Saving Institute, and a summer concert series in Omaha parks for people of all ages that starts in May. Dr. Richard Brown, President and CEO of Charles Drew said “It is an honor to have someone who is as dedicated as we are in helping our community grow be apart of our dream.” Thumper said “It is really nice when someone recognizes the work that you do, it makes you want to work even harder.” Thumper has a list of all of his free concerts at

A Safe Journey Home for the Great Buddy Miles - February 29, 2008

Thumper, Generation One and the entire staff at United 4 Love Entertainment would like to wish a great farewell and a safe journey home to the great Buddy Miles. Thumper had the honor of playing with Buddy in L.A. in 1987. He and buddy are both from Omaha.

23 Dates for the 2008 Concert in the Park Series. - January 17, 2008

Due to the overwhelming response of last years series, the city of Omaha and United 4 Love Entertainment has united once again to book 23 concert dates for the 2008 Summer Jazz Concer in the Park Series. This years series will feature Thumper & Generation One along with special guest musicians and singers from omaha and surrounding areas.....Hope to see you there.

Two New Video Clips have been added - January 4, 2008

We have added two new video clips of Thumper in action. The clip from 1984 is of thumper on his bass, and the other is of him with Generation One.

Check'em out.

The 2008 Concert in the Park Series in the Works - January 2, 2008

United 4 Love Entertainment and Thumpin' Hard Records are in the beginning stages of planning the 2008 Concert in the Park Series. Dates are coming soon.

A New Photo shoot to start of the 08 - January 2, 2008

Thumper will be launching a new series of photos to endorse the new CD "We R a Nation"

Stay Tuned

Wishing a safe journey home for a Jazz Legend - December 25, 2007

The Entire staff at United 4 Love entertainment and Thumpin' Hard Records along with Thumper & Generation One would like to wish Oscar Peterson a safe journey home....he will live with us forever.
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