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United 4 Love Entertainment: Fame

A Safe Journey Home for two Great talents - December 17, 2007

Thumper & Generation One would like to send their wishes for a safe passage home for two of americas musical influences....Dan Fogelberg and Ike Turner.

Our condolences to the families.

Parks Series Concerts End on High Note - October 27, 2007

The 2007 Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series ended on a very high note for 2007. Over the summer a record number of people turned out to support the first of many to come summer jazz festivals. We are planning for the 2008 Season to be even better. Hope to see you at the 08 Series.

Omaha Musician to be apart of National Jazzfest - October 12, 2007

Thumper & Generation One will be apart of the 20th Anniversary of the 3-day Jazztrax Music Festival on Catalina Island. This is a major step in the Success of the Omaha Music Genius.

Omaha Musician Donates We R a Nation to equal rights - August 15, 2007

Omaha Musician Thumper has donated one of his masterpieces to the fight against racism, and equal rights. The equal rights organization called "Conference for Inclusive Communities" has agreed to endorse "We R a Nation" as their theme song for their organization.
The song will be featured on the organizations website, and used through out the community. The pair is in the process of creating a CD featuring the song that will be given away for free during a walk for the cause on Sept 30th 2007. Thumper will also perform the song at that event.

More Park Dates Added - August 15, 2007

Due to the tremendous response from the summer jazz in the park, United 4 Love Entertainment and the City of Omaha have worked out a deal to extend the Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series through the end of October. Check the calendar to see where and when Thumper & Generation One will be.

2nd Benefit Show Bigger than the 1st - July 29, 2007

The Second benefit held at Scooters Coffee house for the American Heart Association was a bigger success then the 1st one. With a capacity crowd, Thumper, Generation One and two special guest saxophone players held fans and friends in amazment for a two and 1/2 hour show.......I would say that awareness was definitely raised that night.

Second Benefit Set In Stone - July 12, 2007

Omaha Musician (Thumper) Plays Second Benefit for the Heart

Due to the overwhelming response from the first show that left people who arrived late standing, Thumper will play a second benefit concert for the American Heart Association. Thumper and his invisible band Generation One, who are also performing the “Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series” and the “Summer Jazz for the Seniors Tour” along with 2 special guests will headline the show and as before the proceeds from donations and coffee sales will go to the American Heart Association to help fight heart disease. The benefit will take place on Thursday July 26th at 7pm at Scooters Coffee house 206 S 19th St in Downtown Omaha.

Second Show Set 4 American Heart Association - June 27, 2007

It's official......Thumper & Generation One have just inked a deal with Scooters Coffee house to perform a second benefit show for the American Heart Association. Due to the overwelming response from the first show, a second show was created.

Check out photos from the first one on the pix page......

Omaha Musician Helps Homeless man find a home - June 7, 2007

Omaha Musician Craig Thumper Samuels has made another successful effort to make his city a better place. He recently reached out to, and befriended Richard Stone, a homeless man who has no family here and until now no place to live. “Mr. Stone has attended every one of my park dates (referring to the Summer Jazz Concerts in the Park Series) so far and I got to know him by talking to him a little after each show.” Thumper recently found out that Mr. Stone had no place to live, and that he was sleeping on the benches in the parks and not eating for days. Thumper immediately took action by contacting some of his friends and found Mr. Stone a 1 bedroom apartment . Thumper paid the security deposit and the rent at the apartment complex for 1 year. “This should help Richard get back on his feet, and get his life started again. This is just one way I help those who support me.”

Smiling Seniors couldn't be more happy - June 2, 2007

The "Summer Jazz for the Seniors" tour is off to a great start. Seniors from towers and villas all over Omaha
are Smiling, dancin' and requesting return visits from our hero. Stay tuned for more Smiles, updates, and the second round of performaces from the Summer Jazz for the Seniors tour.

2nd Benefit for the Heart Association - June 2, 2007

Due to the tremendous turnout of the first American Heart Association United 4 Love Entertainment and Scooters Coffee House have teamed up a second benefit performance......Details to follow.

Television show "Omaha Living" features Thumper - May 29, 2007

An Omaha based Television Show called "Omaha Living" features our main man in a segment on The Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Series that is currently underway.

The Show will air on KPTM Fox 42 (Cox Cable channel 10) at 10am on Wednesday May 30th.

Be sure to check it out....

Omaha Musician Plays Seniors Tour for Free - May 17, 2007

Omaha Musician Craig”Thumper” Samuels and United 4 Love Entertainment have started off the month of May with a Special gift for the Senior Citizens of Omaha, The Gift of Music. The “Summer Jazz for the Seniors” tour is a free tour created for the senior citizens and their families of omaha and surrounding areas who are unable to attend any of the “Summer Jazz Concert in the Park Tour” dates that take place in Omaha parks also featuring Thumper and his invisible band Generation One. United 4 Love Entertainment has several senior villas and apartment complexes booked through out the summer. Seven Oaks of Florence (Pictured Below) was one of the first stops on the seniors tour. “We are going to play for as many of the senior villas and complexes as we possibly can. Those who can’t come to us, we will go to them”. said one of the executives from the entertainment lable. For a complete listing of Free park, and senior tour dates go to

U4L send condolences to King Family - May 15, 2007

Thumper & the entire staff at both Thumpin' Hard Records and United 4 Love entertainment would like to send their condolences to the king family in their time of mourning.

The U4L Staff sends condolences to Virginia Tech - April 20, 2007

Thumper, Generation One & the entire staff and United 4 Love Entertainment and Thumpin' Hard Records, Inc. would like to send prayers and condolences to the victims and the families at Virginia Tech at this time of Tragity.

Omaha musician Thumper plays benefit for the Heart. - April 20, 2007

United 4 Love Entertainment in connection with Scooters Coffee house has put together a benefit concert for the American Heart Association. Thumper & Generation One will headline the show and the Proceeds will go to the American Heart Association to help fight heart disease. The benefit will take place on Thursday May 24th at 7pm.

Details will follow.

Summer Jazz for Seniors Tour - April 11, 2007

United 4 Love Entertainment is booking concert dates for the Summer Jazz for the Seniors Tour featuring Thumper & Generation One. Several dates are being booked for Thumper and the band to tour senior citizens homes in the Omaha area to perform. "This gives the people we care about the most who can't come to see us a chance to see us too." Thumper said in an interview earlier this week.

Stay Tuned for more dates !!!

20 New Dates for Summer Concert Series - March 5, 2007

Thumper & Generation One has just booked 20 dates for the Summer Jazz Concert Series for 2007. Thumper will feature some new and upcoming artists as well as some of his favorite players......Stay Tuned for more information.

Concert Series to Launch after "Amber Day" - February 1, 2007

Omaha Musician Thumper is set to launch the 2007 Summer Concert in the Park Series starting with "Amber Day". The 23 date series will follow a performance on May 12th at the Gene Lahey Mall in honor of the late "Amber" Harris for "Amber Day". A day in which Thumper has decided and declared. The first outdoor concert will be on Friday, May 18th at Dreamland park in Omaha, and will go through the middle of September at different parks and locations. Thumper & Generation One will feature special guest singers and musicians through out the summer series.

Sittin' by the Fireplace Renamed "Ambers Song" - January 18, 2007

Thumper has decided to give his song "Sittin' By the Fireplace" from his "Hands & Feet" CD a new title. From is day forward the song will be called "Ambers Song". This song will also be played with his custom made guitar named in her honor.

Amber Day is set for May 12th - January 18, 2007

The Second Annual Concert in honor of Amber Harris is set for May 12th 2007. On this date in 2006 Authorities found the remains of the young lady in an Omaha park. This was also the date when Thumper played the first concert in her honor. This case is still open and hopefully we can find out who commited this crime. Thumper said in an interview "Last year on this date we found her, hopefully on this date this year we will find out who committed this crime".

Thumper is Back in the Studio - January 18, 2007

Thumper has gone back into the studio to record two new songs for the 2007 "Somebody's baby is missing" and "Now before it's to late"

A Safe Trip Home for James Brown - December 26, 2006

Thumper and all the Staff and Thumpin' Hard Records, and United 4 Love Entertainment would like to pray for a safe trip home to the "Godfather of Soul" James Brown.

"He will be Truely missed, but his music will live on forever."

"There will always be a place for you in my heart."


Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all - December 22, 2006

Thumper would like to wish all of his fans and friends a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

1 year Anniversary of Amber Harris Disappearance - November 29, 2006

Today marks the one year anniversary of the dissappearance of Amber Harris. Amber's Remains were found on May 12th 2006. Thumper performed a benefit concert on that day to raise money to help find her. Thumper will attend an evening ceremony in her behalf held by her family and friends this evening. To this day no no one has been charged for her murder. On Dec 2nd Thumper will dedicate his custom designed guitar named "Amber" in honor of Amber at the 1st annual Toyz 4 Tunez Show. and will play at least one song with Amber at every performance until he retires. He will also hold a performance on May 12th every year in honor of Amber Harris. "Amber Day".
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