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United 4 Love Entertainment: Fame

Toys coming in already - November 20, 2006

Thumper & Generation One's Smooth Jazz "Toyz 4 Tunez show is still two weeks away, but the toys have already started coming in. Thumper, in a phone interview says "This is truely amazing how people really come together when someone asks for their help." The show will be Dec 2nd at the Strauss Performing Arts Center at UNO. 7pm.

The toys have notes attached to them saying "Sorry I can't make it, But heres to your effort. Good Luck.
The Show is expected to be a sell out, and a DVD of the show will be recorded that night. Those who send toys will have a DVD of the show sent to them with a note saying "Since you could not make the show, we will bring the show to you. Thumper

New Song "For Amber, With Amber" coming soon. - November 19, 2006

Thumper has written a new song in honor of Amber Harris, A missing young lady found deceased on May 12th 2006. The Day Thumper Played an outdoor benefit concert to raise money to help find her. "For Amber with Amber" Is an Instrumental song with the lead instrument being the Custom Designed Guitar he named after her.
It's coming soon.......Stay Tuned.

Walmart Joins Omaha Musician for Musical Toy Raiser - November 13, 2006

Walmart stores Inc., the worlds largest retailer has joined forces with Omaha musician Craig (Thumper) Samuels in support of the 1st Annual Smooth Jazz "Toyz 4 Tunez" concert. The
concert idea was created by Thumper about 3 years ago, and will become reality this Dec 2nd
in Omaha at the Strauss Performing Arts Center on the UNO campus at 7pm. Toyz 4 Tunez is
a smooth Jazz concert performed by Thumper and special guest saxophonist Ed Archibald where
fans and friends donate an unwrapped toy for admission. The Toys then go to childrens hospital,
the Child Saving Institute, and the Toys for Tots progams. A Short Meet & Greet session from
the two well established musicians will take place shortly after the 1 hour and 45min show.

In the form of Gift Cards, (not valued at press time) Walmart will donate one gift card to each of
the recipients from the concert. "We think this is a great idea, and are honored to be included in
this great event." Said the management team from one of the stores. A DVD of the performance
will be recorded and manufactured to further promote the event. The DVD will be available to
purchase for those who can make the show. The proceeds from the DVD will also go towards
more toys, and to promote next years Toyz 4 Tunez concert.

During the performance Thumper will introduce a custom made guitar named "Amber" in honor
of Amber Harris, a missing girl found deceased in an Omaha park on May 12th 2006, the day he performed a benefit concert to help raise money to find her. Every year on May 12th Thumper will hold an outdoor concert in her honor.

Thumper & Generation One LIVE on DVD and CD - November 12, 2006

It has just been announced that Thumper & Generation One will record the First annual Smooth Jazz "Toyz 4 Tunez Concert and Sell it on both DVD and CD.

Proceeds from the sale of these two new upcoming products on the United 4 Love Entertainment Label will go toward even more toys for the children and the promotion of the 2nd annual Toyz 4 Tunez show.

A Custom Guitar Named "Amber" In Memory of Missing Girl Found Deceased - October 28, 2006

Thumper Names a New Custom Designed Guitar Made by Ibanez after a Missing Girl found deceased on May 12th 06 the day he played an outdoor benefit concert to raised money to help find her. The Guitar Named "Amber" is in honor of the late Amber Harris whos remains were found in an Omaha park on the day he played the concert. He vows to play at least one song with it in every performance from now unitl he retires. May 12th of Every year Thumper will hold a concert in honor of Amber and play most of the Concert with His Guitar Named "Amber"

Thumper says "This way she will always be in our spirits and our hearts." (Go to the Photos Page to see pictures of the guitar named Amber)

New Song for His Father "Now, Before It's to Late" - October 19, 2006

Thumper is writing a special song for his Father.
"Now Before It's To Late. will be recorded in mid november. and will be available here on lyrics will be posted beginning of November.

Toyz 4 Tunez Show - October 19, 2006

Thumper & Generation One, along with a Special Guest will be Playing at the 1st Annual Toyz 4 Tunez show on December 2nd 2006. This Show was created by Thumper to help gain toys for the less fortunate children of Omaha Nebraska, and the children who are terminally ill at Childrens Hospital. a Portion of the toys will also go to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program, The Child Saving Institute will also receive a portion of the toys raised. Thumper has extended invitations to all city officals and other people in top offices and corporations.

JADA Raised almost 8,000 - October 5, 2006

We here at United 4 Love Entertainmant are Proud to Announce that (JADA)
Jazz Against Domestic Abuse. The Concert in the Park Series raised almost 8,000 dollars to fight domestic and spousal abuse. Thumper & Generation One, Along with special guest saxophonist Ed Archibald donated the performance funds to several Domestic and spousal abuse centers around Omaha.

Now thats how you give back to the city.

In Honor of 9-11 - September 11, 2006

In Memory of 9-11 Thumper & Generation One are asking any, and everyone to download "We are a Nation" and spread the word to everyone they know to do the same.
The Song has been picking up rave reviews and continues to spread. Please show your support and help us spread the word.

Omaha Musician Joins Another Fight - August 12, 2006

Thumper, one of omahas premier singer, songwriter, and jazz musicians has created a campaign and decided to put on a series of both indoor and outdoor concerts from now through December 31st 2006 for JADA (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse ) Due to the recent rising of domestic abuse cases in Omaha, Thumper who just recently played a benefit concert back in May to raise money to help find Amber Harris, has decided to step up to the plate again to help the victims of domestic abuse in omaha through his music. Through the end of the year, a portion of all of his paid shows, and all of the raised money from his free shows, plus a portion of all CD sales from his latest CD "Six Education" will go JADA. Thumper has done several benefit concerts in the past and plans to continue as long as he can. The money donated through JADA will go to Shelters, and Programs of Greater Omaha Community Action and other agencies to help past, and present victims of domestic abuse move away from danger and on to a better life. Starting August 18th Thumper will be starting off concert in the park series at Dreamland park 24th and Lake St. at 6:30pm on Omaha followed by the next concert on Aug 25th at the Gene Leahey Mall on 10th and Farnam St at the same time. Each Friday the outdoor concert will rotate between the two Parks, along with other shows and performances each week through out the rest of the year. A Calander of events can be found at also you can find more information about Thumper and JADA.

41 So Far - August 11, 2006

Since the release of "Six Education" 41 Internet Companies have picked up this Slammin' CD.......... Keep doin' Thumpin' Hard Style.

New Shows for yours Truely - June 12, 2006

New concert dates are being added to Omaha and surrounding areas for Thumper & Generation One. July 15th, July 27th and Sept 1st are already booked for a summer tour.

Six New Internet Companies pick up "Six Education" - May 9, 2006

Six new internet download companies have picked up "Six Education". Arvato, MOD Systems, and Wrap Factory, are three of six internet companies that have picked up "Six Education" in the last two months. This CD is hotter that we expected. We knew it was hot, but man oh man........

New Song for the Missing Children "Somebodys Baby is Missing" coming soon - April 27, 2006

Thumper is working on a new song "Somebody's Baby is Missing" it is a dedication to all of the missing children of the world. The Lyrics are finished, working on the music, then he records due out in late august........stay tuned.

Omaha Musician Joins the search for missing girl - April 12, 2006

Just added: Thumper & Generation One have just decided to join the search to help find Amber Harris, a 12 yr old girl who has been missing in omaha since November. Thumper and the band will put on a benefit concert on may 12th to raise money for the reward fund to help find amber. Members of her school, city officals, news media, and the community are all lending their support..........WILL YOU

Verizon wireless and Itunes pick up "Six Education". - March 17, 2006

Verizon wireless, and Itunes are two of four digital download companies that have added "Six Education" to their rosters for their customers listening pleasure. The other two companies are MusicNet, and MusicIsHere.


Omaha musician, and music producer, Thumper is back on the music scene after almost 8 years with Some Six Education. The one man band has just released a brand new Jazz CD entitled “Six Education”. He, and his band Generation One (a band of instruments, not people.) have put together this dynamic new sound that is perfect for the
holiday season, or any season. The CD has been 7 years in the making and the last 9 months or so perfecting it. Recording, and Mastering it in his own studio, on his own Thumpin' Hard Records label, and Backed by his own Entertainment company, United 4 Love Entertainment. Why Six Education you wonder ??? “I am a music teacher who teaches guitar, among other things.” Thumper said in an interview. Thumper plays all of the instruments and does all of the voices that you hear on this CD. This is definitely the CD you want to have when the moment strikes. You can pick up your copy of “Six Education at Homers records, or Borders music, or online at
If you miss this one for Christmas, make sure you pick it up for Valentines Day.
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