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United 4 Love Entertainment: Buy Him

We R a Nation CD / Mp3 - CD / Mp3

This highly anticipated CD is a state of the art 21st century blend of R & B, Jazz, Rock, and Ballad that will put your ears on cloud 9. This CD is above and beyond the work of the last one. The reviews are already through the roof. You will not be disappointed when you hear this one.
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Six Education CD

The Long awaited CD "Six Education" is getting rave reviews. This is a dynamite, very dynamic, and romantic work of art, well worth the wait.
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Hands & Feet CD

Listen to another CD from Thumper & Generation One
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Thumpin' Hard Coffee Mugs - Your choice of Pix

Your Choice of Pix
Drink your coffee with Thumper.

Thumpin' Hard Mouse Pads - Your choice of Pix

Thumpin' Hard Custom Guitar Picks - Two Different Picks

United 4 Love Teddy Bear - U4L Stuffed Animal

a 12" Stuffed Teddy Bear with a United 4 Love Entertainment Hoodie on. A real charmer for the ladies.
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Six Education Pillow Case - Six by the Fireplace

United 4 Love / We R a Nation Hoodie - Hoodie