Park Series 2010 begins before 09 ends

Park Series 2010 begins before 09 ends The Summer Jazz concert in the park series put on by Omaha musician Craig Thumper Samuels has already booked 25 dates with the city of Omaha for the 2010 and the 2009 series has not even finished. The response throughout the series that started in 2007 has increasingly grown each year and has gained the attention of other bands, as well as other cities and towns. The 2009 series was expanded to two other Nebraska towns because of the popularity of the 2008 series. “Hopefully we can expand to more cities in other states because of the 09 series” Thumper said in an interview. Also with the growth of other bands and cities, CD sales have grown as well. Visitors from out of town, and natives who haven’t been here in a while pick up CD’s to take to family and friends out of town, and also get exposed to a lot of Omaha’s talent that would not otherwise get a lot of exposure. The series is good in other ways too, it gives people a place to go in the evening to sit, relax, and enjoy themselves and listen to some good music for free. All of the 2010 park series dates and other performances are posted on the Thumpers website at

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