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A worldwide collaboration with United 4 Love Entertainment and Creative exchange in the UK for a livestream fundraising performance called EducAID Africa. This event is designed to raise money and musical instruments to support music education and open music schools in Benin which is a country in West Africa. You can learn more about it here.


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U-Turn Annual Fundraising Breakfast, 2709 North 30th St., Omaha, Nebraska

Thumper & Generation One will be the Headliner for the 5th Annual U-Turn fundraising Breakfast !!!

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His music career started at a very young age with pots, pans, and other noise makers. As he grew he began experimenting with new and different sounds that range from drums, to strings, pianos, and many others. He started playing the clarinet in elementary school and has progressed from there.  For quite some time now he has played all of the instruments, sings, writes, records, composes, engineers and produces all of his own songs, along with songs for other artists on local, regional and national levels in several different styles. Thumper, the one man band and award winning, multi instrumental, international recording artist, actor, and model from Omaha Nebraska has been on the music seen since the early 80's and has a very high following and now has fans in every country on the planet. He's a Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Model, Composer, Producer, and much more. He has created and developed his own website,, (were you can see and hear more of him), an independent record label Thumpin' Hard Records, Inc., 2 recording studios, and United 4 Love Entertainment, his own entertainment company, and two non-profit organizations that he has a deep passion for. "JADA" (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse) a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic abuse by raising awareness and funds for educational material and shelters and a second non-profit organization "Our Stars of 2morrow" a scholarship program that he raises money for through his music. He writes one song each year and donates the proceeds of that song to high school seniors to help for college tuition.  This monster musical genius blends Rock, Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and many other styles together, and adds a little spice of his own to produce his sound................... the O-ZONE sound.

There are many many Recording artist that have influenced Thumper. Prince, John Legend, Janet Jackson, Richard Marx, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few and has been touched by a lot of today's up and coming artists as well. He has exchanged both music notes and stages with such national recording artists as Prince, The Time, Keith Sweat, The System, The Bar-Kays, and many more, along with such smooth jazz artists like Jonathan Butler, Steve Oliver, Steve Cole, Peter White, Joseph Vincelli, Euge Groove, Richard Elliott, and many more. Thumper currently has 13 CD's to his credit and is currently on tour working on his first live CD "Thumper & Generation One LIVE !!!  Thumper has just released his 13th studio album "The Midas Touch" a smooth jazz piano driven CD that contains the new singles "Can You Stand the Rain" and "Paradise" along with a bonus track called "Positive Attitude" His 12th CD "Love...4 2morrow is not Promised" ia is more laid back than his usual works and has some touching dedications and a positive message to share with his fans. His 11th CD "The Valentine's Collection" is his best selling CD for that famous holiday and is a special dedication to those in love and those who are starting new love. His 10th CD "On Top of the Covers" is a CD that consists of all cover tunes along with 3 bonus tracks and serves as a tribute to all of the artists that have inspired or influenced him to date. His 9th CD "Thumpology 101" is a dedication and tribute CD in honor of all of his fans, friends, and family, along with tributes of some of the artists who inspired him growing up. Music greats such as Al Jarreau and Bob Marley are honored with smooth jazz versions of songs from these two music legends such as "I Shot the Sheriff" and "In this Love 2gether". Just days after it's release,  a friend from an Australian newspaper Shamrock music news did a music news article on it combined with another really big project he is working on.  J.A.D.A, (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse) is a domestic abuse awareness non-profit that includes a world tour that features him and other jazz artists who want to help raise awareness towards domestic abuse.  click here to read the article that is currently circulating all across Australia.

Also, Thumpers CD titled “Thumpology 101” that features the hit “In This Love 2gether” from the late great Al Jarreau is currently climbing Jazz charts around the world and has reached #2 on the charts at Radio Indie International. This song has also won Thumper a national award for best jazz track from The Akademia Music awards.  You can check out his artist spotlight profile here Also, There are a few new recent online print articles that have just surfaced.  The first is one from the Marquix Global Network that has just published a feature story about him in connection with winning the Akademia music award.  You can check out the article here and the second is in connection with JADA that was published by a friend and new fan Mrs. Debbie Burke (an editor of a regional lifestyle magazine in northeastern Pennsylvania. That article can be read here The video to his award winning track "In This Love 2gether" has been put in heavy rotation at the Gravity One video network under the jazz genre.  You can check it out at With the release of his 8th CD and 1st Greatest Hits CD "The Best of VII"   that contains 24 of his greatest pieces of work from his first 7 CD's chosen by his friends, fans, and family. He is set to release 2 additional CD's in 2017. "On Top of the Covers" which will contain 7 of his best cover versions of popular songs from great artists that he admires and respects, along with and "Thumpology 101" which will contain more great work both cover tunes and original songs. With his 7th CD "Love...4 2morrow is not Promised", that contains his smooth jazz cover versions of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish", (which hit #1 on smooth 97 the Oasis and several other charts) and others like "2 Much Heaven" from the Bee Gees, and more of his original tracks like "Autumn Rain", Beautiful...Just Like You", and others along with his 6th CD, "ONE" that contain his cover versions of "My My My" from Johnny Gill, and Janet Jackson's "When I Think of You", his recognition as a smooth jazz artist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and much more, along with being an entertainer, is consistently rising. Six Education is the name of his 4th CD which can be purchased on physical CD here.


Thumper & Generation One: Six Education

or as a Digital Download here

Thumper & Generation One: Six Education

is still doing very well. Learn to Love is the title track to a 6 song album. His 1st Jazz album "Hands and Feet" still continues to sell in Omaha and on his website Other Thumpin' Hard Merchandise such as posters, pictures, and single songs are also purchased there too. His single "4 U Mom" can be purchased here

Thumper: 4 U Mom

Proceeds are going to a special fund for a special Mothers Day event each year.

Thumper & Generation One: My My My

There are a few free downloads as well. His popularity and CD sales over seas are continuing to grow thanks to, YouTube, IHeartRadio, and other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. In Omaha Thumper also opens his recording studios to other recording artists in the area so he can help others reach their musical goals. His latest CD Single "Dreams Do Come True"

Thumper: Dreams Do Come True

"Help from Heaven"

Thumper: Help from Heaven

and "Turn Down the Lights"

Thumper & Generation One: Turn Down the Lights

are set to become the next 3 of his best jams to date with more tunes on the way. Thumper's music continues to be played all over the world. His presents on YouTube, IHeartradio, and other airwave and internet radio stations worldwide, All you have to do is Google his name and you will find him. With fans in every country on the planet his Mp3 and CD sales are increasing at very steady rates. Samples from his 6th CD “ONE” which can be purchased here as a physical CD

Thumper & Generation One: One

or by Digital Download here

Thumper & Generation One: One

featuring the song "4 U Mom" and "Smile" which peaked at #9 on Reverbnations national jazz charts where he has broken the top 100 seven times, three times on the Global jazz charts at #49 and #15 #7, and hit number one numerous times on the Local Jazz charts in his hometown of Omaha Nebraska. These and other tracks such as "Dreamer", "In the Zone", and "When I Think of You" can be heard on his website at, and the Global home for Smooth Jazz, and many other airwave and internet radio stations along with Youtube and IHeartRadio. Until it's release, "ONE" was highly anticipated among friends, fans, and family and was being called his best work yet by entertainment and industry figures. That CD has been replaced by his 7th CD "Love...4 2morrow Is Not Promised". His smooth jazz version of the hit song "My My My" from "ONE" was released on a world wide compilation CD from the record label W.O.A International called "Independent number ones Vol 2" and Vol 3"from the same label. It has also been picked up by several international airlines for their in-flight entertainment and in-flight radio service, and will be featured on radio. With his smooth jazz cover version of Janet Jackson's "When I think of You" and "Turn Down the Lights" still going strong, one of his funkier tracks "The Schmoove Groove"

Thumper: The Schmoove Groove

along with the release of "Love...4 2morrow is not Promised" he is set to once again start climbing the charts. He is consistently gaining the attention of other top rated internet radio stations on a daily basis around the world with his R&B singles like My World

Thumper: My World

His 5th CD “We R a Nation” has set records and continues to get rave reviews all over the world. "We R a Nation" has received 8 out of 10 stars in 9 categories from TAXI (One of the industry's top music review agencies. Thumper continues to be the subject of and performed on many different TV, and both internet and airwave radio shows. This, and several other articles like and have been posted from an Australian Smooth Jazz Radio network. He was also selected as the Smooth 97 the Oasis Featured Smooth Jazz Artist of the month of February 2015, and Hit #1 on that stations Top 30 indie artists charts with his cover version of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish", and still remains in the top 20 of that same chart with his cover version of the late great Al Jarreau's "In This Love 2gether". Find out more about this at He has also been in several magazine and newspapers with interviews, articles and write ups. He was featured on page 91 in the May 2015 edition of In Concert Magazine This is an online magazine that reaches about 60 to 80 thousand members. He is well known for giving back to his community. He has named one of his custom made acoustic guitars "Amber" in honor of a missing Omaha girl found deceased. This artist is one of the best in Omaha and his name, Merchandise and Logo are known all over the world. He has put together a Non- profit organization called "The Skin & Bones Foundation" to aid against Domestic violence, Racism, and Gang Violence. and is also working on his JADA (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse)tour. He has performed all over the US and some parts of Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada as a solo artist with his Invisible band Generation One. His new website has gained worldwide attention. He is a perfectionist. He knows what he wants and how he wants it done. If he can't get done and done right by someone else, he will do it himself. He is involved first hand in everything, from album cover designs to posters and promos. His first album "Skin & Bones was compared by some to the early Prince material. But Thumper has taken his work far beyond the Purple Genius and created a ROYAL BLUE foundation for his own O-ZONE sound. Thumper is smoke, drug, and alcohol free and believes that God will get him, his sound, and his message to a world wide status so the world can have a Pound of the O-ZONE sound. Generation One is a band of instruments that backs thumper wherever he performs. If you would like to know more about Thumper & Generation One, please visit or send us an e-mail to Thank you.