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A worldwide collaboration with United 4 Love Entertainment and Creative exchange in the UK for a livestream fundraising performance called EducAID Africa. This event is designed to raise money and musical instruments to support music education and open music schools in Benin which is a country in West Africa. You can learn more about it here.


Smooth Jazz in the Mornin'

U-Turn Annual Fundraising Breakfast, 2709 North 30th St., Omaha, Nebraska

Thumper & Generation One will be the Headliner for the 5th Annual U-Turn fundraising Breakfast !!!

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Omaha musician, and music producer, Thumper is back on the music scene after almost 8 years with Some Six Education. The one man band has just released a brand new Jazz CD entitled “Six Education”. He, and his band Generation One (a band of instruments, not people.) have put together this dynamic new sound that is perfect for the holiday season, or any season. The CD has been 7 years in the making and the last 9 months or so perfecting it. Recording, and Mastering it in his own studio, on his own Thumpin' Hard Records label, and Backed by his own Entertainment company, United 4 Love Entertainment. Why Six Education you wonder ??? “I am a music teacher who teaches guitar, among other things.” Thumper said in an interview. Thumper plays all of the instruments and does all of the voices that you hear on this CD. This is definitely the CD you want to have when the moment strikes. You can pick up your copy of “Six Education at Homers records, or Borders music, or online at If you miss this one for Christmas, make sure you pick it up for Valentines Day.” - Calvin morris

— Omaha Star

 this takes me to anotjer level, peace, love, hope of a new time and life! I've not heard anything that has put me so at peace in a long time. This artist has just did that and more i want to thank him for this truly awesome work.” - Craig S. Davis
definitely got it going on, dude! can't keep this musical monster in a cage.” - stockwrock


Hello Thumper, I just wanted to give you a yell and let you know I checked your music out via Currently I am featuring your version of "My, My, My". That song is a home run hitter. I have heard a few other versions (jazz remakes) of the song, but yours is the one I prefer; it is a very smooth sound with a bass guitar leading. I will send you an update on feedback from my audience when I have it. Keep up the good work. Mr. Radio For more of some of the best Smooth Jazz via the internet, try my radio station - Smooth Jazz by Mr. Radio” - Mr. Radio