The Essence show picks up Thumper & Generation One

The music of Thumper & Generation One has caught the attention of a international radio program. The Essence Show is a highly personal show with a very global sound. It is driven by the vision of singer /songwriter and producer Kara Johnstad. The show airs internationally Sundays at the NYC-based, and within a year of its conception has caught the attention of the record labels and radio industry producers worldwide. Every week, Kara selects the top in Jazz, World, New Age, Poetry, Acoustic, Lounge, and Film and has been even known to add some good old rock and roll. She effortlessly blends music from different cultures, genres, and eras. As a successful independent artists herself, 70 percent of her show consists of introducing and supporting independent artists from around the globe. Global Vortex Radio is a top station run by top professionals and performance THE ESSENCE RADIO SHOW is a 150 Minute WEEKLY show in syndication and airing worldwide from Global Vortex Radio based out of NYC. 5 hours weekly, and features jazz / new age / world / classical / singer-songwriters and celebrates the vision of global mind - global heart. . Feel free to listen to archives of the show at MySapce or at

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