Omaha Musician Gets Honor from Health Center

Omaha Musician Craig “Thumper” Samuels received a special honor from the Charles Drew Health Center in the form of his name on a beautifully designed wall hanging in the lobby of the health center. The musician known for his smooth Jazz and his fund raising for children, unity, and seniors was honored again for his Musical, Monetary, and physical donations to the health centers new 4 million dollar addition to the facility. Thumper and Generation One have a busy summer ahead with performances for Childrens Hospital, the Child Saving Institute, and a summer concert series in Omaha parks for people of all ages that starts in May. Dr. Richard Brown, President and CEO of Charles Drew said “It is an honor to have someone who is as dedicated as we are in helping our community grow be apart of our dream.” Thumper said “It is really nice when someone recognizes the work that you do, it makes you want to work even harder.” Thumper has a list of all of his free concerts at

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